Christmas Cards dreams meaning

Christmas Cards To dream of Christmas cards represents making an effort to show other people that you care about them. Making an effort to show other people that you love them. Reciprocating feelings of togetherness. Reminding people that you are thinking about them and hoping they are happy. Extra efforts made to care about other… Read More »

Credit Cards dreams meaning

Credit Cards To dream of credit cards symbolizes your ability to attain or experience what you want in life with little effort, or worry. It reflects your level of ease having power, opportunity, or pleasure. Using a credit card means you or some aspect of your personality is able to do whatever it wants to… Read More »

Business Cards dreams meaning

To dream of a business card represents resources or opportunities that are always available to you. Something or someone you can “call” or use whenever you want it. A person or situation that you feel is always available to you if you’re interested. To dream of giving someone a business card represents your wish to… Read More »

Sports Trading Cards Dreams Meaning

Sports Trading Cards sports trading cards dream represents your interest in having or acquiring something. You may want to ensure that you don’t miss out on feeling a certain way or having a certain type of experience. Seeing a lot of trading cards or boxes of trading cards may reflect your wish to have all… Read More »

Tarot Cards Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tarot Cards Interpretaion

Tarot Cards Tarot Cards dream represents an outlook on the future that makes you never want to question it. Negatively, tarot cards may reflect believing in fallacies or assuming too much of something. It may also reflect a powerful sense of certainty because you are too emotional about something. Bad advice that never wants you… Read More »

Surfboard Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Surfboard Interpretaion

Surfboard Surfboard dream of a surfboard represents something or someone you are using to survive an emotionally turbulent moment. A daring attitude about surviving an uncertain moment in your life. A casual or fearless attitude about surviving difficulty. Negatively, a surfboard may reflect a dangerous attitude about wasting resources to maintain an easy or smooth… Read More »

Table Dreams Meaning

Table Table dream of a table represents awareness of options. Noticing everything that possible or available to you. Also consider the saying “putting everything on the table” or “putting all your cards on the table.” Full disclosure of all facts. Full truth revealed. Negatively, a table may reflect unpleasant feelings about more than one person… Read More »