Leopard dreams meaning

Leopard To dream of a leopard represents patience and stealth. Feelings about yourself or other people who quietly observe every single thing happening in a situation before totally humiliating someone when they least expect it. Feeling very determined to achieve a goal. Potential for a dangerous last minute embarrassment. Positively, a leopard may reflect overcoming… Read More »

Light Bulb dreams meaning

Light Bulb To dream of a light bulb represents an idea. It may also reflect your awareness of whether or not an idea is working. Trying light bulbs in a lamp may reflect new ideas you are experimenting with. Giving different methods a shot and watching the results. Approaching a situation from a new direction.… Read More »

Light Switch dreams meaning

Light Switch To dream of a light switch represents feelings about being able to instantly feel safe, confident, or successful. Feelings about being able to easily witness an area of your life working. The ability to be creative at will. The ability to actualize your ideas at will. The ability to instantly create a positive… Read More »

Illegal dreams meaning

Illegal To dream of something being illegal represents feelings about behavior or situations being forbidden, unacceptable, dangerous, or frowned upon by others. Feeling guilty having to cheat, be dishonest, or do something wrong behind someone’s back. Breaking the rules in some way. Feeling that you are risking getting into trouble or angering someone. Issues with… Read More »

Illuminati dreams meaning

Illuminati To dream of the Illuminati represents a negative all controlling force in your life. Someone you feel wants you to fail while controlling everything you do. Feeling about an unseen force having total power over you. Manipulative pervasive power. Feeling that you can’t stop someone or something from totally controlling your life. Feelings about… Read More »

Inauguration dreams meaning

Inauguration To dream of being at an inauguration represents your hopes or expectations for the future as you witness significant change happening your life. Feeling the tone or theme of your life changing for the better. Negatively, watching an inauguration may reflect tension, fear, or jealousy at having to notice a significant change happening your… Read More »

Island dreams meaning

Island To see or dream that you are on an island, signifies a state of mind where you’re having thoughts and feelings about being isolated, lonely, on your own, or stranded in life. You are all by yourself with problem or a situation. Islands may also reflect feelings about your personal life after a relationship… Read More »

High School Reunion dreams meaning

High School Reunion To dream of a high school reunion represents remembering of old conflicts, challenges, or power struggles. Revisiting old issues or how things used to be in relationships. Open discussion about who is luckier. Positively, a high school reunion may reflect feelings of being luckier than other people you know. Negatively, a high… Read More »

Horse Race dreams meaning

Horse Race To dream of watching a horse race represents competition between different goals or ambitions. Noticing everything you want up against what other people want. You might be witnessing friends, family, or business partners competing for the same thing. To dream of being in a horse race represent your ambition to succeed over others.… Read More »

Horses dreams meaning

Horses To dream of a horse represents ambition and strong drives. Stamina, endurance, or your capacity for hard work. Horses can also represent your sexual drive and libido. Horses often appear in dreams of people who work very hard, students that are very driven, people with very strong sexual interests, or anyone who is very… Read More »

Hyenas dreams meaning

Hyenas To dream of a hyena represents ridicule. Feeling that someone is laughing at your failures. Fear of someone laughing at you while you watch yourself lose. Feelings about weaker people or “twerps” that get away with laughing at you. Letting annoying people bother you with ridicule. Humiliation or embarrassment that feels intentional. Feeling about… Read More »

Gifted dreams meaning

Gifted To dream of being gifted represents feelings of being smarter than other people. It may also reflect feelings of being faster or more intuitive than others in a particular area. Something about yourself being noticed as exceptional. Negatively, being gifted in a dream may reflect feelings of being pressured to appear or perform perfectly… Read More »